I'm a San Francisco-based product manager.

I’m a Michigan native who has spent the past five years working at San Francisco-based software companies ranging from early-stage startups to global corporations.

Prior to working in tech, I worked in advertising agencies, design studios, publications, and on marketing teams at businesses in the Lansing and Detroit areas. I hold two degrees from Michigan State University: a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising (2010) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (2011). My concentrations were Graphic Design and Photography.

Local businesses and community building have always been passions of mine. When I first moved to San Francisco in 2012, I immediately became involved with the San Francisco chapter of the Michigan State University Alumni Association. I started as the Director of Communications and eventually became the Vice President in 2014. During that time, I increased social media engagement, established content strategy, grew event attendance and club involvement, and absolutely loved connecting with so many Spartans 2,500 miles away from East Lansing.

To stay in touch with the rapidly growing Michigan craft beer scene, I helped launch a podcast and blog called The Michigan Beer Show in early 2013. I built the brand and produced content including podcasts, blog posts, email newsletters, and social media communities.

I also established the Lilac Saloon brand, an Etsy store, and worked on product and marketing strategies with the founder. That business eventually lead to an online community of writers and makers called Hearth & Kin, and I helped launch that brand and subsequent content creation and management strategy. I also am in the process of working on related content inspired by my grandma’s travel journal from the 1980s.

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